graphic design in TV and Film

Where we might use graphic design

Graphic design is used in every form of media distribution from movies to gaming, TV down to radio, newspapers and magazines. The biggest user of graphic design and designers is in the TV, film and gaming industry. The graphic designer typically works under the direction of the art director, and is responsible for producing visual and contextual content.

To create a world that is realistic the designer relays to the audience that the world they have created has substance. Writers, producers and directors will use graphic designers to come up with fictionalized media to show in that world. This would help to pull the viewer in and make it more real. Newspapers, magazine headlines, bill board adverts,and TV adverts also utilize design elements to grab the attention of the viewer. The use of serif or sans within text can convey to the reader the importance of the text, headlines in papers will often be without the serifs, making the headline easier to read.














Also you can find graphic design elements within special effects in a movie or set design, some elements become synonymous with franchises, the star trek logappears on the clothes and costumes the actors wear. This is then further carried through the advertising of the franchise itself.





All these add to the naturalness of the world they are creating making it more
believable and give the world a sense of realism. Design is rarely neglected in these forms of media, but sometimes it seems invisible because you assume that everything you see on a screen has been there forever. There is often a natural evolution to visual logos in these works that link several areas together.

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  1. A good start, I especially like the comment regarding the designer helping to create worlds that are immersing and believable. You could probably consider a wider range of uses overall, but this has pointed in the right places to start with. Don’t forget areas like publishing and advertising.

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