Typeface creation.

This typeface is meant to be a twenty-first century representation combining two older styles, those being Fraktur, and the latter Baskerville lettering.

Film Posters

During his career Saul Bass became synonymous the use with striking colours, and  silhouettes for his innovative film title sequences, and posters.

fig 1. Henri Matisse

 These features show that the Bauhaus School, and the French impressionist artist Henri Matisse (see fig 1,) had an influence in his creative process. Thus these, and Saul Bass would continue to inspire future generations of graphic designers such as Ty Mattson, which can be seen  his poster designed for the T.V. Series Dexter (see fig 2). This shows a strong a inspiration drawn from  the former. This while a simplistic style which is in turn eye catching and effective, will continued to be use just for these qualities.


fig 1. Poster for Dexter.