21st Century Interconectivity.

Old fashioned News media are to learning to survive in a century just seventeen years in, and they are having to adapt quickly, because the twenty first century generation are not prepared to wait until tomorrow or even tonight for news and information.

With the growth in modern technology, why should they?

The tech savvy public have learnt, they can cherry pick what information they receive, from whom they receive, and when they receive it.  If any media outlet cannot grasp this then they will not survive. Many might say this would be a good thing, as the established media players can be seen as biased, But without them the public are in danger of governments controlling the information available, or that gossip from social websites being seen as news.

Thanks to the emergence of the smart phone the News aware section of the population have understood that they, by becoming “Citizen Journalists” can now contribute to the collection, and dissemination of stories. Either locally, or nationally, major media organisations with a need to survive, have willingly adapted to this form of technological convergence in the twenty first century.

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