Graphic Design.

Fig 1, Macdonalds.

The products of Graphic Design can be seen all around us, but what is Graphic Design?

Every day our senses are bombarded with images, whether they are posters, road signs, book or album covers, or a Company’s logo. Graphic Design could said to be the creation of an image, which can inform an audience.
These works can consist of images, words including typography, and colour, each carefully chosen to advance their client, or  message. One of the most prevalent in the modern world  can be considered to be the big M logo of MacDonalds .This is bright, and simple, yet people across the world recognise the company which it represents. The Golden Arches with which we are familiar first came about in 1961, and while the have been updated and modified, still remain recognisable

Another form of Graphic Design can be seen in the posters which are a part of our everyday lives. In the  late 1920s John Gilroy began illustrating what was to become a series of iconic posters for Guinness, these were bright, humorous, and very successful.  These posters were to become so popular, that they were almost seen as pieces of art in their own right.

Fig 2 Guinness Poster.

Some  design can be so ubiquitous, as to become almost invisible. In the 1960s the British Government decided to standardise the nation’s road signage, this lead them to ask Jock Kinneir, and Margaret Calvert to come up with a universal system for Britain’s roads. These designs consist of strong colours, and simple typography, making them easy for the country’s drivers to use, and understand. The originals have been so well designed, that over the years they have need little improvement, if any.


Examples of good Graphic Design are all around us, informing, entertaining,  and persuading. The best images can become timeless, but how many of us really appreciate, or think about them. I know until recently, I certainly didn’t.


fig 3 British give way road sign.





fig 3 British give way road sign .






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