Graphic Design

DON’T FORGET TO ASK ADAM IF YOU NEED TO MAKE CLEAR LINKS ON HOW CERTAIN EVENTS IN SURREALISM EFFECT GRAPHIC DESIGN IN TODAY’S WORLD??Graphic Design can be found all around the world. There has been different purposes for Graphic Design through-out history; which can vary from book illustrating/designing to webpages and billboards. The concept of Graphic Design started in the early 15th century when Johannes Gutenberg’s developed typography by inventing movable mechanized type as well as other type developments.
Graphic Design has came on a lot since then, due to the impact of different movements which has helped develop it into what it is today.
Surrealism is a cultural movement which started in the 1920’s which is renowned for it’s notorious dreamlike visual artworks (often featuring the unpredictable juxtapositions and the element of surprise with random objects  )as well as writings. Dada influenced surrealism during the first world war and the center for the movement was Paris, from there it soon spread globally. After a while surrealism affected other countries: visual arts; literature; music; language; film; social theory; political practice and thoughts; as well as philosophy.  The following events helped Surrealism influence Graphic Design  into what it is in today’s society.

In my opinion the first significant event in the movement Surrealism was in 1920 in France when André Breton and Phillipe Soupault pulished ‘Les Champs magnétiques’ which in translates as ‘The Magnetic Fields’.  This was the first piece of literary surrealism which had been published. An example of a typical sentence’s from the book:’The rail stations were dead, flowing like bees stung from honeysuckle. The people hung back and watched the ocean, animals flew in and out of focus.’ This sample shows surrealism as it gives the audience the feeling that this is something that you would dream about, not read. This book got the audience’s heads spinning. Figure one is an image of the book cover ‘The Magnetic Fields’, even

Image result for the magnetic fields by andre breton and philippe soupault
                                   Figure 1

the cover of the book looked surreal. In addition to this book, André Breton also published another surrealist book in 1924 ‘Le Manifeste du Surréalisme’ (The Manifesto of Surrealism). The surrealist movement offically kicks off as the manifesto which defines the goals and aims of surrealism.  Also in 1924, ‘motion blur’ was first created this was a contribution to the movement, Motion Blur is the clear streaking of quickly moving items in a still picture or an arrangement of pictures, for example, an animation or movie.

Figure 2

                                                           This effect is still used in today’s videos games, films and photo’s. This clearly shows that surrealism has helped shaped Graphic Design. Figure 2 (above) is a picture from the 1920’s and show’s ‘motion blur’ Figure 3     Figure 3                                                       (below  figure 2) is an example of how‘motion blur is used in surrealism in today’s society.  


In 1925 Paris, the Pierre Gallery held it’s first  exhibition of artist Joan Miro’s work. This helped to make surrealism better known from different countries.  Joan Miro was a famous Spanish sculptor, ceramicist, and painter.  Miro’s work was interpreted at surrealism. During his time the artist won several awards such as: 1980 Gold Medal of Fine Arts; Spain’s
1958 Guggenheim International Award; 1954 Venice Beinnale Grand Prize for Graphic Work.  Figure 4 (below) is an example of his earlier art work. This painting is called ‘Horse, Pipe and Red Flower’.  The artwork has elements of Picasso’s work, for example the vibrant colours as well as  Cubomanla. 

Figure 4