Ideas for independent study

I want to focus my independent study around literature, whether that be books, films, other scripts. however I’m not sure on what limitations there are on what topics and areas that I would be allowed to cover, other area’s of interest are in fan culture (how cult followings of shows shape and mould franchises and series and how it can stereotype a group of people or fans of a show whether in real life or on social media)

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  1. Literature isn’t probably going to be too much of a problem providing you keep also within the bounds of media production; so some ideas might be:

    Treatment of Classic Literature in Films / TV Adaptions
    Studies of Narrative in Media Productions e.g. Films, Games etc.

    The main thing you want to consider with this would be currency, how are you going to keep it current and of interest.

    I would consider looking at literature in digital media such as games or online (more current) content, where you can look at whether the conventions of treatment are changing or whether what can be considered literature is change.

    Change is the key, wherever there is the chance of this, you will be able to argue currency.

    All of the things you have mentioned would have relevance and the potential to be valid, it’s just up and up literature which would be pushing the limitations a little. Of course this is good for cross-discipline though as you will end up in both narrative and audience theories and those related more specifically to language and literature.

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