Dissertation PANIC!

For my dissertation i have had many pull backs based on subject matter, as i was originally working on racism and cultural stereotypes in film and then TV violence and finally to Gender Roles of Doctor Who which i am currently working on and is standing at just over 500 words.

this dissertation i would prefer due to me being a fan of doctor who however i don’t know if it is at all applicable or if it is even a valid subject.another reason is the introduction of the first female doctor who which was met with mixed responses over the gender of the long running male role.

other than that i am having trouble with locating book references over this without looking into other BBC shows or other examples. not to mention the risk of bias.

i really fear how i will conduct the research, research in my personal opinion is not my forte… and i have no clue how to write the plan much less the dissertation.

i ended up making the planning a distinct as possible, by making it doctor who themed to keep me visually on track and give it a slight uniqueness.

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  1. It sounds like you are particularly interested in issues surrounding representation and the linking to science fiction would really help you keep it of interest to yourself.

    The BBC Female Doctor angle could be your main starting point, you can also try and keep it to TV and UK TV at that, but maybe need to broaden out to female gender roles in sci-fi and in particular those of protagonist.

    For currencies sake you should also broaden out to digital media, maybe games and online content. Are there programmes worth considering on platforms like Netflix / Prime etc. or what about YouTube and Vimeo.

    There is probably scope for significant content analysis in this study.

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