Dissertation Blues

This will end up being a repeat problem with me and thats knowing what to write.

I don’t know what more to write for my doctor who dissertation planning, or how to write it for that matter i am close to 1000 word but that includes references.

i am going to add in the comparison between doctor who and other popular sci fi shows into the aim and litrature review…. at least when i find a way to incorporate it into them

any advice on how to write it will be greatly appreciated

Dissertation PANIC!

For my dissertation i have had many pull backs based on subject matter, as i was originally working on racism and cultural stereotypes in film and then TV violence and finally to Gender Roles of Doctor Who which i am currently working on and is standing at just over 500 words.

this dissertation i would prefer due to me being a fan of doctor who however i don’t know if it is at all applicable or if it is even a valid subject.another reason is the introduction of the first female doctor who which was met with mixed responses over the gender of the long running male role.

other than that i am having trouble with locating book references over this without looking into other BBC shows or other examples. not to mention the risk of bias.

i really fear how i will conduct the research, research in my personal opinion is not my forte… and i have no clue how to write the plan much less the dissertation.

i ended up making the planning a distinct as possible, by making it doctor who themed to keep me visually on track and give it a slight uniqueness.