Welcome to East Riding 2017/18

Welcome to all new students of creative media programmes at East Riding CollegeĀ and welcome back to those returning, let’s hope we have an amazing year and that you all exceed your potential.

This year you have access to a Word Press blog, to keep and use as your own portfolio and discussion space; usage of this will be available whilst you are a student at the college and your work may well be archived for a short period after completing your studies. Please bear in-mind this is a public space and anything you publish must meet the college IT policies and generally be related to your studies.

Use this space to show off your work, display your ideas and keep records of project progress; you will be able to rely upon some of this information for assessment purposes and so please ensure you keep a sensible organisational structure e.g. tags and categories to allow your blog to be readily navigable.

This channel is for outgoing posts and therefore anything requiring a response or that could be considered feedback needs to go through an official college channel such as Moodle or Email. You will find information on here relating to upcoming events, recent activities and occasionally of outstanding student work; you might also (if they keep one) find your tutor’s blog on this domain and they will let you know if this is the case.


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